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The PCG Ltd., is a registered in the UK, for coaching/ training and mentoring membership provider and approver of professional Coaching/ training and mentoring skills, training and certification, associated closely with our websites.

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For all those interested in coaching/ mentoring and training but with no formal training and/ or experience.

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The Professional Coaching Guild Limited, UK, is the very first Coaching Guild in The Middle East and Arabian Gulf.

It comes with a long, professional experience in all the varied fields of coaching and coach training and mentoring.

In its own right, it offers all the coach essentials, such as membership, training, coaching and mentoring, follow up, professional coaching help, a Platform for new coaches to mention but a few.


New and working coaches alike will be provided with continuous training, coaching, mentoring, support and follow up for a complete year, including sitting in on sessions, training etc. as required.

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