18 October، 2021

Positive Psychology Contributions to Culturally Competent Coaching

Learn more about coach training options One of the most important qualities to possess in our rapidly changing and culturally diverse world is not our IQ, […]
18 October، 2021

The Five Levels of Listening:

Listening is probably the first coaching skill that any prospective coach or manager learns, and yet it is often the one that is least used, even […]
18 October، 2021

7 Steps to Creating a Lasting Coaching Culture

Having realised that a coaching and mentoring culture is vital for success in your business, you are probably now wondering how best to build one. And […]
5 October، 2021

The GROW Model

  The GROW model was developed by Sir John Whitmore (1937-2017) in conjunction with colleagues in the 1980s and disseminated through his book ‘Coaching for Performance’ […]
5 October، 2021

The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring? Some organisations use the terms interchangeably, but I believe they are two different things: Definition of coaching: Coaches […]
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